President's Message

Dr. Scheherazade W. Forman
NCSD President

As we begin a new year in unprecedented times, I offer a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”. NCSD has been a part of the resources for the community college experience since 1974. 2020 ushered in many changes and many challenges. As community college team members we have focused most of our time to campus related commitments. As we settle into our new normal, NCSD is committed to picking up where we left off and providing resources, training, and services to student development professionals. Providing professional development opportunities is a priority for NCSD. We also have an opportunity for your student leaders at the Student Leadership Institute.

I am excited about our future and meeting the critical needs of our members and the student development professionals. Please plan to attend our virtual Lunch and Learn Sessions, the National Conference, the Student Leadership Institute, and/or the Walter Bumphus Leadership Institute in 2021.

Scheherazade W. Forman, EdD